Coca-Cola Energy

Coca-Cola Energy


Coca-Cola has decided to expand its brand of carbonated refreshments to include a new line of energy drinks. The company’s spokesperson announced that the line will be called “Coca-Cola Energy” and will be made with a naturally-derived caffeine and guarana extract. In addition, Coca-Cola plans to release a sugar-free option branded as “Coca-Cola Energy No Sugar”. Guarana is a plant native to the Amazon, that is known to have antioxidant-promoting properties as well as up to four times the amount of caffeine than coffee beans. It has become quite a popular supplement additive, replacing coffee to fight fatigue. The company is hoping that their natural, organic approach will set them apart from other energy drinks and the negative connotations that come with drinking them.

            The spokesperson told TODAY Food that Coca-Cola’s new product will be a preferred option for people who enjoy drinking energy drinks, alleging that consumers want these types of ingredients. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola has yet to officially announce the launch due to legal arbitrations with competing energy drink brand, Monster Energy. Coke partnered with Monster back in 2015, spending $2.15 billion for a 17% stake in the Monster Beverage Corporation. Therefore, official details of the launch will not be released until Coca-Cola figures out whether it can legally sell products that may compete with Monster Energy drinks.

Apparently, the decision to create a line of energy drinks has been an extremely long process due to highly-caffeinated drink’s association with caffeine overdoses, health issues, and the death of at least one teenage consumer. The soda drink has long been condemned for its extremely negative effects on one’s health such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and tooth decay. Medical News Today posted an article on how Coke affects your body when you drink it, claiming that it is comparable to heroin in how it stimulates the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. On the contrary to caffeine-related health deficiencies, other studies have shown that consuming caffeine in moderate amounts, about 200 to 400 milligrams a day, can lead to a longer lifespan.

Following the public announcement, reactions to Coca-Cola Energy began flooding in via Twitter. Many are confused as to why the original Coca-Cola drink is not considered an energy drink in itself. Consumer, R.D. McDonough stated, “For years Coke was the energy drink. Caffeine and 150 calories of sugar…what am I missing?”. Other reactions posed similar concerns, claiming that Coke was the very first “energy drink” on the market with their original formula- “Different Stimulant but same concept”, noted Phillip Hawley. Despite some negative feedback, many avid Coke drinkers are excited about the new product and can’t wait to try the latest innovation.

It is bizarre that Coca-Cola is trying to launch a “natural, healthier” energy drink line when their most famous product is known for being detrimental to one’s health. The sugar content is obscene as well as the caffeine levels. In addition, I’m sure we have all heard of the rumors and/or jokes that Coca-Cola is used to clean blood off of the highways. Of course there is Diet Coke and Coke Zero, but removing sugar implies the addition of artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are heavily associated with weight gain, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. While “0 grams of sugar” on the nutrition label may make you feel better about your diet, its effects on your health are no better than the added sugar found in regular cans of Coke. If Coca-Cola Energy launches successfully, then consumers will be able to decide for themselves whether they want to drink it or not. But remember, moderation is key!

6 thoughts on “Coca-Cola Energy

  1. From a public health standpoint, I think that this announcement is pretty worrisome. I was waiting for something like “isn’t Coca Cola itself an energy drink” until I finally saw it in your second to last paragraph. Whether or not they claim to be using natural ingredients such as guarana, which it claims to be ‘organic’, the fact that this ingredient is 4 times as powerful as caffeine is problematic. There are very few instances and very few people in my opinion that require this much stimulation. Coca Cola’s formula has long been regarded as unhealthy and I think that launching an energy drink does not help their brand identity whatsoever, that is if they wish to identify as a healthier brand and healthier option.


  2. So many companies are trying to cash in on the “healthier” craze that has been taking over many consumer markets in the last few years. It is just ridiculous to think that a company so well-known for its bad ingredients and impact on health would try to do the same. I hope consumers do more research before they simply believe in marketing gimmicks. Don’t you think it would have been smarter for Coca-Cola to maybe have a subsidiary brand come out with these “healthy” energy drinks? They way that they have Dasani brand for their water?


  3. I’m not too convinced that energy drinks will be the “healthier” version of Coca-Cola, since energy drinks in general are often over-consumed and are coupled with sleep deprivation. However, I do acknowledge that energy drinks typically have lower sugar content and therefore less calories, and can be beneficial when consumed in moderation. It’s no surprise that more companies are attempting to incorporate the “health trend” into their products, and it’ll be interesting to see how Coke energy drinks compete with existing energy drinks in the market. Regardless of whether Coca-Cola’s direction towards energy drinks is the right “healthier” direction, I agree with you: moderation is key.


  4. Brooke,

    I really find this interesting. If this new line of Coca-Cola is proven to be healthier with statistics, proof, and evidence I can see how this can be a great product addition of the Coca-Cola brand, considering how unhealthy the soda drink is for us at the moment. I think in concept it seems like a good idea, but at the end of the day what I do not necessarily understand is the fact that drinks like Monster, Redbull and Rockstar are horrible for you as well. I also wonder if adding this product will create the same level of appeal to the consumers of the product that love Coca-Cola and its current products. If the current product really is “comparable to heroin in how it stimulates the brain’s reward and pleasure centers”, then I am not sure if adding another product that will not create this effect that the consumers are apparently drawn to will be enough to encourage consumers to use the new energy drink instead. If it is made from natural caffeine however, this could be a good solution and addition since caffeine is generally good for you but there are a lot of other factors to consider so it should be interesting to see if this gets introduced to the market and if so, will it be successful


  5. I think that the idea that Coke is trying to create a new energy drink is a bit bizarre, maybe I am biased because I don’t ever drink it, but I don’t necessarily see this being successful. For one, society is continuing to become more aware of health and wellness and I think there has been a large shift towards consuming healthier foods overall. Additionally, since you noted that the creation of a caffeinated drink will be a long process I feel as though this health craze will reach even more people in the U.S by the time the drink would come out. I additionally think that the Coca-Cola company has found so much success in their current sodas and their company that trying to create this new product isn’t really needed. As other comments said, because there is already such a large and competitive market of energy drinks I don’t know if Coke’s is going to be able to be super successful. However, because Coke is one of the go-to, most popular soda’s it is possible that they would be able to create a taste that would have that same mass appeal.


  6. I’m concerned about adding more energy products into the market. Regular Coca Cola already has so much sugar and caffeine in the product that I don’t really see why the company needs to add another product. To me it just seem as they are looking for a product to latch on to the health craze that has been going around. However I don’t think that the Coca-Cola brand specifically has a fit for a so-called natural energizer drink. It might be a better fit from a branding perspective to host the new line of products under the Powerade brand that Coca Cola already owns.


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